We have been successfully collecting delinquent accounts for more than three decades.

The Law Offices of Newman & Marquez, P.A. represents a wide range of clients both large and small. Our experienced in-house collectors make every effort to resolve delinquent accounts by calling, sending letters, conducting pre-litigation investigations and skip tracing accounts.

We make every effort to collect debts without resorting to litigation; however, if litigation is necessary, when warranted and if authorized by the client, we also file lawsuits, obtain judgments, garnish wages and utilize a full range of legal techniques to get past due accounts paid.

Our staff handles each account in a professional, courteous and respectful manner. If an individual who owes a debt is experiencing financial difficulties, we make every effort to work with the individual to create an affordable payment plan.

In many cases, obtaining the judgment is the easy part. Our firm utilizes the appropriate legal tools to collect the judgment:

  • Depositions and other post judgment discovery
  • Wage garnishments
  • Executions and levies
  • Bank garnishments